This is my favourite singer, I love her voice and her verses, I know they mean something that is why I like 'em. She's so expressive and beautiful, I love her style, evrything she does or wears is beautiful, That is a determinated women, she knows what she wants and that is the reason why she is successful adn sings with the most wanted singers like Lil Wayne, Drake, DJ Khaled etc..
I love her ❤❤
Born 8th December 1982, Saint James

This girl has an angelical voice, made for rock n' roll, but sings pop, incredible, still love all of her songs, they represent life, true life, all fellings and emotions.
Just married One of my favorite bands vocalist, Chad Kroeger, from Nickelback, completely perfect. Love both ❤❤
Born 27th September 1984, Canada
Chad Kroeger - born 15th November 1974,Canada

Sad songs for a beautiful girl, depressed or determinated girls love to listen to Lana del Rey.
Lonely beautiful women, new in the music industrie but making a huge success with girls and boys all around the world. She's an example for everyone, don't give confidance, that's the key to success. Idol ❤
Born 21st June 1986, New York

Old disney star, from a little girl to beautiful singer. From acting, dancing, singing, judge and song writing, she does everything. A true idol. Her music has grown so much since Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance, mature music has gather fans all around the world, teenagers mostly, boyas and girls love her.
The that makes her my idol is that she can smile now after the depression drugs and rehab, that's a true acomplishment, and I'm proud to be a lovatic
Born 20th August 1992, Albuquerque

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