Rise & shine baby ;)
Good morning people, did you sleep well ? I hope so. Nothing better than a good night of sleep, right ?
Well I did, I slept more than the usual, I feel great :D
How's your life going ? I'd like to have some responses from you :( No need to give name or any personal information, please talk to me :3
Well I miss both of my exboyfriends wich is really weird, I think I'm confused.
I started to talk with one of them 2 days ago, he wouldn't talk to me bacause I broke up with him, and started with the other in the same day, it was pretty bad, and I'm really sorry for that. So I apologized to him and he accepted, but I guess I still had some sparks in my heart, I don't know, maybe the fire was still alive :(
I'm really confused, I don't know what to do :s HELP
Mood: Still confused :$

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