My name's Eduarda, I'm 14 years old.
Well I could spent hours writing about myself, but besides that being super boring it might not be true  in a couple of years, why ? I'm a teenager, we're always changing, as a person, likes, deslikes and more other boring stuff.
I'm a very unpatient person so i'm not going to write it all, if I wanted that I would write a book. No need (:
I love pink wich is a happy color, but in contrast I love black too, the color of death. 
I'm easily attached to people, one of my biggest fauls. People don't fool me, if that happens I'm not mentally healthy, for sure. 
God if you ever betray me or tell me a big lie, you are so done, I love payback :D
But if you are my friend the you can consider yourself as a happy person, I have a big ego sometimes, why can you consider yourself as a happy person ? Well I am a very cary person, I love my friends, I always help and give advices, that's why I want to be a psychologist. :)
It's all I can remember right now, but you will get to know me better in my writing (:

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    Eduarda, 15, Virgo
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