Well I created this blog to kind of share my life wiith people all around the world, just because I can't keep it to myself. I want people to get to know me, I don't have secrets to anybody and I feel more comfortable wroting it in here than tell it face to face 'cause you don't know me and you never saw me.
Well I'm single !! YEIIIIIII. NOT.
I'd like to have a boyfriend but everytime I date someone it ends up very fast, I guess I'm just not lucky :/
But hey at least they like me, they say I'm cute and sexy and all that shit but in the end nothing happens :c
Well moving on ...
My father died when I was 7, at 8 I had a stepdad but he died last year :/
My mom got together with another one this year but I guess it didn't work out well, we didn't get along, long story ..
To be continued ...

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